Saturday, April 24, 2010

Short update

I am finally feeling better, got the meds I needed yesterday and I have felt like a new woman!!!!

I want to let you guys know I have been reading your blogs pretty faithfully lately but I have not been responding. It is to hard to respond on my BB. Sometimes I have tried and no success because it won't bring up the link to Post a comment.
I have been lucky enough to be online for a short time this morning. I have had a few things to catch up on things here as well.

Medically I have some things going on I am doing some tests for....I also have a new thing that I am avoiding with my doctor...NO new diagnosis for me until I am ready.

I will touch base in a few days as I hope to be able to log on again soon. Must get my email cleaned out if I can still stay on.

Hugs to everyone

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