Sunday, April 18, 2010


It has been a long week. The pollen count has been unbelievably high!
My allergies have taken over my life. I don't think there is enough benedryl to fix this. I have managed to stay out of the emergency room and doctors office. I will admit I am going to one of them tomorrow. I need stronger meds and more intervention.
Let the runny nose and itchy eyes stop and let the breathing begin.
Good luck to all who suffer allergies like me.


Anonymous said...

Oh boo that sucks darling. Hopefully you can get some strong meds for it. Sending you some lovin'.

Oh, PS, look what I came across and signed up for:

heehee kinda nifty. Looking forward to what some people ask ;)

Anonymous said...

ohh that sux! Hope it gets better!

DCHY said...

Check out latest issue of Reader's Digest...good news in there about your allergies. Says if you keep taking injections, you will feel better long term. Discuss that with your doctor, okay? :)