Saturday, April 10, 2010

2009 Survey Part 1

You're suppose to answer the questions in regards to things in 2009. I wonder if I can actually remember some things...

This was a long post so I split it up into two posts, so the second will come within a day or so of this posting.

Again my friend is the inspiration for this post.

2009:In the beginning

Q: Where did you go on New Years?
A: I was home. It is my movie marathon weekend.

Q: Who were you with?
A: Roommate

Q: Did you make any resolutions?:
A: No, I didn't want to start anything I would not finish.

2009: Friends and Enemies

Q: Did you meet anyone special?
A: I met a few.

Q: Did you meet any new friends this year?:
A: There were a couple.

Q: Did you dislike anyone?:
A: Oh yes.

Q: Did you make any new enemies?:
A: I made an enemy or two. Some people can't handle the truth.

Q: Did you resolve any fights?
A: Not necessarily resolve a fight but reunited with a few people.

Q: Who was your closest friends throughout the year?:
A: My BFF, LC, and Alex.

Q: Who did you grow apart from?:
A: No one I can mention here, but I wish they understood.

Q: Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?
A: Yes, I put a lot of pressure on them or should I say I have held them higher than they should have been.

2009: Your BIRTHDAY!

Q: Did you have a cake?
A: I didn't, that is not unusual.

Q: What did you do for your birthday?
A: I am sure I took the day off. I think roommate took me to dinner.

Q: Did you have a party?
A: No

Q: Did you get any presents?
A: I always get me a present!!!! A tattoo.

Q: If so what was the best thing you got?:
A: The sad part is I don't remember. I do remember getting some horrible, awful, bad news two before that I will never forget.

2009: All about YOU

Q: Did you change at all this year?:
A: Oh yes I did. I am not sure I like the changes but they happened.

Q: Did you dye your hair?:
A: No way

Q: Did you get your hair cut?:
A: Oh yes, I cut it super short and I love it. I was also surprised how many good compliments I received about it.

Q: Did you change your style?:
A: If you are referring to fashion, no I didn't.

Q: Were you in school?:
A: No, I wish I could find the money and motivation though.

Q: Did you have a job?:
A: I have a job that for the most part I like.

Q: Did you drive?:
A: Absolutely.

Q: Did anyone close to you give birth?:
A: Interesting question, both of my daughters gave birth in 2009. Both were boys.

Q: Did you move at all?:
A: No, but thought about it. I despise the commute.

Q: Did you go on any vacations?:
A: Oh I went a few little mini (weekend) vacations.
One was Arkansas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, St. Louis

Q: Did you leave the country at all?:
A: No, I am uncomfortable with that at this time. I do want to go to Germany.

Q: Would you change anything about yourself now?:
A: I would, I can and I will.

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Real Live Lesbian said...

I love the last statement!

I wish I could wear my hair super short. I'd do it in a heartbeat!