Monday, March 8, 2010

Anxiety and online issues

I have been lucky enough to be able to actually get online. I tried all weekend and was not successful.
Work has been challenging, been training for a couple of weeks and teamwork is hard to come by lately.

On the verge of 2 potential surgeries and 1 confirmed within the next month. The confirmed one is just fixing some annoyance, but necessary. The other two will CHANGE my life. I am on pins and needles and anxiety is running high. The necessity of one of those is close to being a matter of life and death in my opinion. I wait impatiently!!!!

I am hoping to be enjoying the company of my BFF, very soon. Just come and stay forever, please????!!!! lol

And can I say damn those girl scout cookies......they are irresistable!!!! I really need to know why you can't just eat a few of the mints....I have only been able to eat a sleeve of them at a time, no matter my

Well it is late and I need to get to my comfy bed!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope it all goes well!!!!