Saturday, September 4, 2010

My health intertwines with life

Hello All--

I haven't been on here in a few days and just realized that the auto post I set up never posted. Thanks auto post....Grrrr

Been exhausted lately, sometimes the pain is overwhelming and other times it gives me a break.
I have had a break for a few days now. I know that the pain really drains me and the meds don't help as much as I think they should. But who am I to ask for another damn

I am looking forward to and dreading some life changing events with my health which will effect or better yet change my life. As the two intertwine I take another deep breath. Blood work has been so horrible and I am expecting the Dr. to put a hold on the biggest most important thing in my life once again. It is understandable and there is nothing I can say or do this time to compromise or fight for. My fight is over, I have no energy to fight anymore. I am accepting this decision before I even see the Dr. It hurts but it is truly a matter of life or death.....and as much as I feel like I have a foot in the grave on a daily basis I am happy to be alive.

I know there are going to be a few tests and a procedure in my future as well. Updates will happen as these results come back.

Been catching up on some movies lately. I have look at three since last night. I would recommend...Caught in the Crossfire. It's a drama with a twist, my favorite kind.

Well I need to go check on my food and see why my post didn't post.

Have a great weekend

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